The TEAS – Test of Essential Academic Skills

Nursing School TEAS Exam

What Are The Nursing TEAS?

If you’re considering a nursing school program, you may be asked to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills). This computerized entrance test is used by a number of nursing schools and programs as a way to determine whether or not students may be accepted into the program.

It is most commonly found at vocational-level training and the community college level; university-based nursing programs typically have their own admissions requirements.

What is On the TEAS?

The TEAS is a four-hour, 170 question, multiple-choice test that covers basic knowledge in the fields of:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • English/Language Comprehension

The level of difficulty of the test depends entirely on the individual student. It is similar to a GED-level test in which equal emphasis is placed on reading and English as science and math. (Although the TEAS is used to judge admissions to a nursing programs, many other fields also require the test as part of their curriculum, so there is no particular focus on the sciences or nursing.)

Students who struggle in one or more of these areas might find the test to be a challenge, and multiple study resources exist to help you get a high score.

There is no passing/failing score on the TEAS, but the number you get matters to the admissions boards. Many programs require at least a 70 percent score in order to apply, and a higher number may boost your chances of admission or even scholarship opportunities. You may be eligible to take the test a second time during the school’s admission cycle, but this depends completely on individual school policy.

When to Take the TEAS

Nursing schools that require the TEAS test will inform you in their admissions packet, and you can expect to take the test prior to the application deadline. Because it is not always administered by the school itself (it is often done through the ATI at a separate testing facility), there is a $110 cost with additional charges for transcripts.

Test scores are typically only valid for two years, so if you took the TEAS in the past and are only now applying to nursing school, you may need to re-test.



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