Pharmacy Technician Career Information and Schools

Pharmacy Technician Career Information and Schools

Even in these tough times the Healthcare industry is thriving, all you need is the proper training. You can learn about Pharmacy Technician’s here.

What does a Pharmacy Technician do?

A pharmacy technician’s duty is to help a licensed pharmacist fill and dispense prescription medications. Pharmacy techs often fill prescriptions in retail pharmacies, hospitals, or online pharmacies. Pharmacy technicians also have direct communication with patients and often speak to them about their medication and instruct them on the usage of the prescription.

What kind of certification will I need?

Each state has differing regulations for the certification of a pharmacy technician. Employers generally favor a technician who has obtained their associate’s degree from a technical or community college and have passed the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (NPTC). In order to take the NPTC, a prospective pharmacy technician must have obtained their high school diploma or equivalent degree.

What kind of salary can I expect to earn?

At the entry level, a pharmacy technician can expect to earn a salary of $28,000 per year and an hourly wage of $13.65.* However, as a pharmacy technician expands their experience and job duties in the field, their salary has potential to increase.

How long will I be in school?

To be considered a well-qualified candidate for employment, a prospective pharmacy technician should obtain their associate’s degree which takes between one to two-years for full completion. After passing the certification exam, a pharm tech is expected to complete 20 hours of continued education every two-years for the renewal of certification.

*information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics