Online Healthcare School Warning Signs

Online Healthcare School Warning Signs

What To Look For When Choosing An Online Healthcare School

There are countless online healthcare colleges and programs being promoted across the web. The appeal of these kinds of educational opportunities is obvious: you can earn a degree and begin a new healthcare career from the comfort of your own home—and often within just a few months or years of training.

While many of these web-based programs can be a smart career move, not all of them are ideal. Some don’t live up to their hype or promises, while others simply might not be a good fit for the way you learn. Still others are scams that exist only to take advantage of people hoping for a better future.

Before you sign up with any online healthcare program, be sure and investigate the school’s background and accreditation, and look out for these common warning signs.

No/Unrecognized Accreditation

Although it matters for every type of education program, accreditation is especially important in the healthcare field. In most cases, you won’t be able to get licensed or even sit for a licensing exam if you haven’t graduated from a recognized school. There are few things worse than paying (and studying) for a degree only to find it doesn’t count.

Check your potential school’s accrediting agencies through the Council for Higher Education Accreditation to make sure it’s legitimate. Even then, be sure and visit the licensing board for your chosen field to make sure they recognize that particular educational institution.

No/Questionable Internship or Externship Placement

Almost all good healthcare programs include a hands-on study component in the form of an internship or externship. In fact, in many fields (such as radiology, nursing, or medical assisting), you can’t get a license without a clinical portion. Even though your education is online, you will still need to fulfill these obligations.

Find out where the school places you for an internship—and double check with that location to ensure the school is telling the truth. The externship/internship locations should be recognizable healthcare organizations in your area, and at least a handful of graduates should go on to work with that company.

They Want Full Costs Up Front

It’s no secret—more students drop out of online courses than they do physical college classes. After all, it takes a lot more self-discipline to succeed with education at home, and you don’t have the benefit of an actual teacher to face if you decide to drop out. This is why you should never pay all your tuition up front.

Look for a program that requires you to pay tuition quarterly rather than all at once. You might also want to make sure that your credits are transferable if you do decide to leave the online program for a different one in your area.



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