Nursing School and Technology

Nursing School TechnologyNursing school and the nursing profession are no longer just about providing physical care for patients. With an increased dependence on technology for charting, scheduling, and even some types of patient interaction, those interested in entering the nursing field have to develop strong skills related to computer usage.

Many of the skills needed are taught as part of a larger nursing program, although a base of core computer classes is required for entrance into many of the top nursing schools in the country.

Technology at the Nursing School Level

For those still learning to become nurses, technology plays an important role in the classroom. In addition to computer-simulation scenarios, high-tech mannequins can replicate life-and-death situations requiring fast thinking and problem-solving. Online nursing courses are also an increasingly important component of the classroom, and many of the lecture-based core classes that don’t require hands-on learning can be taught from a virtual platform.

Virtual classrooms are gaining in popularity even more as the nursing shortage increases, since it is possible for an instructor to reach hundreds of students at a time without theneed for additional classroom resources. Video streaming is also on the rise as a way for nursing students to visualize many of the procedures and processes taught in a more traditional setting.

Technology in the Hospital Setting

Many hospitals are updating their systems to rely on computers for their charts and medical orders. This is being done for a number of reasons, but most especially to streamline nurse-doctor-patient interactions, to correctly assess and order treatment plans and medications, to increase patient safety and privacy, and also to make it easier for nurses to change shifts.

In fact, most hospitals now require that their nurses pass an exam that proves their ability to use the computer and their computer system for charting and patient care. Annual updates and continuing education classes in technology are also common to ensure compliance and that nurses remain up-to-date on the unique systems installed where they work.

Technology in a Medical Office Setting

Physician’s offices and nursing homes also require that their medical staff members are familiar with computers and technology. Almost all patient charts and information are kept on a computer, and organizing a busy day via a programmed schedule helps overworked nurses to maintain a higher level of care even as their own duties increase.

No matter where you work or where you go to nursing school, it’s likely that computers are going to play a role in your daily schedule. Having a core competency with technology is a great idea if you’re planning on entering the nursing field, and as your education progresses, you may find that incorporating even more of a focus on technology can help you to carve out a specialty or niche in your field.

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