Medical Transcription Career Information

Medical Transcriptionist Career and Schools

The Healthcare industry is thriving. There are many different career opportunities available in the healthcare industry, all you need is the proper training. You can learn about Medical Transcription here.

What does a Medical Transcriptionist do?

Medical Transcriptionists transcribe administrative documents from a physician’s dictated recordings. They convert voice recordings into written reports, edit information, and interpret medical jargon in order to create a patient’s medical history or discharge summary.

A medical transcriptionist must have an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, procedures, treatments, and pharmacology. Medical transcriptionists work in hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare agencies, physician’s offices, or from their own home office.

What kind of certification will I need?

Because medical transcriptionists must have a thorough knowledge of medical terminology and procedures, they typically require postsecondary training. Many medical transcriptionists receive a certificate or Associate’s degree.

To become an officially Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT), a prospective candidate must pass an examination given by the Association for Healthcare Documentary Integrity (AHDI). The AHDI states on their website that although all individuals are eligible to take the certification exam, they highly recommend applicants to have obtained at least two years of transcription experience in a healthcare setting.

What kind of salary can I expect to earn?

Medical Transcriptionists typically earn $32,900 per year and an hourly wage of $15.82 per hour*

How long will I be in school?

In addition to having a high school diploma or an equivalent degree, a medical transcription training program takes anywhere from six-month to two-years in order to receive a diploma, certificate, or Associate’s degree.

*information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.