Medical Billing and Coding Career Video

Is A Medical Billing and Coding Career Right For You?

If you thinking of starting a career in medical billing and coding, take a look at this informative YouTube video from CareerStep. In it, they discuss salaries, job growth, education options, and what you’ll do as a medical billing and coder.

The video also looks at the healthcare industry as a whole and the current demand for medical billing and coding specialists. It describes what type of training is needed and well as some of the subjects you can expect to see in your training.

Most importantly, it looks a number of benefits you can expect to find in this field of work including:

Job Security – right now the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the country. As part of that industry, medical coding and billing professionals share the security a growing industry can give them.

Nationwide Shortage – according to CareerStep, there is an “estimated 50% more coding positions that professionals” nationwide.

Competitive Salaries and Benefits – because of the shortage of medical and billing professionals, the salaries and benefits are competitive.

Working from Home – this is an industry that permits some medical and billing professionals to work from home so if you situation doesn’t permit you to work in an office, you may be able to find an opportunity to work from home.



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