Highest Medical Assistant Salaries in the United States

Where to find the highest medical assistant salaries

Where to Find the Highest Medical Assistant Salaries in the United States?

Becoming a medical assistant comes with a lot of great perks, including job stability, good hours, health insurance, and a competitive salary. As is the case with most careers, however, your location will play a big role in determining what that salary is.

Cost of living indexes vary by state and by city, and what makes a good living wage in, say Wyoming, won’t always cut it in New York.

Although no one should go to school for medical assisting with the goal of striking it rich, there are some locations where you can expect to make a decent wage.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can expect to find the following top-paying areas:

1. Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia enjoys the highest average salary at $37,790 per year. This high number is most likely due to the urban setting as well as the prevalence of many high-profile government and corporate entities found here.

2. Alaska

Number two on the list is Alaska at $36,400 annually. It can be hard to get good, qualified medical professionals in some of the remote parts of Alaska, and state incentives for living here contribute to a higher annual income.

3. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the third highest at an average of $34,490 per year for medical assistants. Much of this is due to the Boston city center and the more affluent communities in the area, most of which will fight hard to get the best medical professionals on staff. The state also has a higher cost of living than many other locations.

4. Connecticut

Connecticut ranks number four at $34,200 per year. Like Massachusetts, the combination of urban centers and affluent suburb communities make for a great setting. Cost of living prices are fairly high here, as well.

5. Washington

Seattle is known as a great location for health care training and for health care in general, which makes medical assisting positions here competitive. If you find a job in the metropolitan center, you could be looking at an average salary of around $33,190.

The states with the lowest annual medical assisting wages include Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Dakota, and West Virginia. However, if you get a good education and find employment with a hospital or medical office where you really connect, you can still have a great career with even greater perks!



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