Taking a Healthy Smile on the Road

traveling dental assistant

Being Part of a Traveling Dental Team

A career as a dental assistant offers many more opportunities beyond working in a conventional dentist office. Many patients with aching, ailing and failing gums and teeth are either reluctant or unable to visit a dentist office to get much needed relief.

In some countries there are simply not enough dentists to serve patient populations or patients can simply not afford dental care. This has prompted many professionals in the dental field to come together on dental teams, including dentists and dental assistants, and travel to foreign countries such as under-served areas of Mexico.

For instance, a group of two dentists and three dental assistants traveled from Idaho Falls to Punta de Mita, Mexico and set up a local community center as a temporary dental clinic.

The team provided free dental care to numerous children who otherwise might never have seen a dentist.  During a ten day period, the Idaho Falls team filled cavities, capped teeth, provided dental hygiene education and gave each resident of the small Mexican village a toothbrush.

Back in the states, in some communities, various church groups have come together to sponsor mobile dental care, typically via specially designed and equipped vans. The mobile dental clinics include members of the dental profession such as dentists, hygienists and dental assistants.

The services most in demand by communities visited by these traveling dental care teams are primarily urgent such as tooth extractions and fillings. They also provide an opportunity for dental care professionals to reach out and educate the community about the importance of maintaining a healthy smile.

Whether your interest lies in working in a conventional dental office or taking your skills and training on the road to help those who might never otherwise see a dentist, a career as a dental assistant is rewarding in many different ways. Visit our “Careers” page for more information on the training requirements and job opportunities for dental assistants.




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