Healthcare Industry Salary and Job Numbers

Healthcare Industry Salary and Job Numbers

What Does the Healthcare Industry Job Market Look Like?

There is good news in the current healthcare staffing trends. According to Health Leaders Media, “The good news is that while other sectors of the economy seem to languish with a slow 8.9% projected growth rate from 2012–2022, healthcare is booming by comparison with a projected 26.5% growth rate.”

Furthermore, Patricia Pittman who is a PhD and co director of the GW Health Workforce Institute at George Washington University says, “By 2022, nearly one in eight U.S. jobs is projected to be in the healthcare sector.”

Personal care aides are projected to have the largest grow followed up by registered nurses, home health aids, nursing assistants, medical secretaries, licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses, medical assistants, physicians and surgeons, dental assistants and physical therapists.

2014 Health Industry Job Numbers

For those of you who are thinking of starting a new career in the health industry or change from a current job into the healthcare industry, here are some important numbers for you to take a look at.  Let’s first look at the 2014 Healthcare Industry Job Numbers coming from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

2014 Healthcare Industry Jobs


2015 Healthcare Industry Average Salaries

Again from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here’s a chart showing the average healthcare industry average salaries for various healthcare occupations back in 2015:

2015 Healthcare Industry Average Salaries

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