Healthcare Careers with 9-to-5 Hours

9-to-5 Healthcare Careers

For many people, one of the best reasons to become a health care professional is the type of hours available for both part-time and full-time work. Health care is provided around-the-clock in almost every city in the United States, and in all types of settings. Whether you prefer graveyard shifts that free up your days, or want to work weekends and reap the benefits of increased pay, there are options available for just about everyone.

However, it can be difficult to work in the health care field if you’re after a Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 job. Most nurses, pharmacy technicians, phlebotomists, therapists, and other medical professionals have to work weekends, holidays, and/or evenings, which can make it difficult if you want more traditional hours.

If you are considering attending a health care school with the goal of getting a 9-to-5 job when you graduate, you might want to choose from the following:

  • Dental assistants and other dental professionals rarely work outside office hours. Private dental offices may run anywhere from 7am to 7pm, but usually close over the weekend and on major U.S. holidays.
  • Massage therapists who run their own businesses have the freedom to set whatever hours they choose. If you work for a professional office, you may also get to take advantage of stricter business hours. However, work in a day spa or other commercial setting might require evening and weekend work.
  • Medical assistants, like dental assistants, are almost always employed in the private office setting. This allows for a more structured day, with similar hours between the 7am and 7pm time frame. Work in a hospital generally requires more flexibility in scheduling.
  • The same is true for nurses, phlebotomists, medical imaging specialists, and those in the field of therapy (occupational, physical, or respiratory). Work in a hospital setting generally calls for more flexible hours. If you need the structure of a more set day, you may have to apply for positions at private offices – which come with a lower average pay rate and tend to be more competitive in terms of employment.

Although there certainly are options for day job hours, health care isn’t the best field to get into if you need a traditional schedule. Part of the reason health care professionals make such competitive wages and have such a great job outlook is because the careers require flexibility and around-the-clock attention.

If you’re the kind of person who can adjust to meet demand, this could be an incredible career field for you.


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