Good Reasons to Go to Nursing School

Good Reasons to Go to Nursing School

Why Go to Nursing School

There are many reasons to choose nursing as a career, and everyone has different motivations when it comes time to start working in the field. However, if you’re on the fence about nursing as a viable program, here are a few reasons it might be worth your while to go through with the two or four years of training needed to get an RN license.

Great Job Outlook

There’s no denying that there is something appealing about a job industry that seems to be recession-proof. In an age when many recent college graduates are unable to find work in their chosen fields, nurses continue to find work and advancement opportunities that place them well on track to earn $50,000 or $60,000 per year.

Experts warn, however, that jobs aren’t a guarantee, even with a nursing shortage in many areas. It still takes hard work and experience to land the top jobs. Entering the nursing field for the job security is fine…as long as it isn’t your only reason for doing so.

Personal Satisfaction

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers in existence, as long as you’re prepared for the emotional toll the job can take on you. If you enjoy helping people and want to dedicate your professional life to improving the health and happiness of others, nursing is a great way to do it.

There is enough variability in the field to offer plenty of job opportunities in things like community outreach, public health, hospice care, and even basic nursing. Nurses who love their jobs tend to really love their jobs—even on days when the stress and bureaucracy are too high.

Scholarship/Grant Opportunities

Because there aren’t enough qualified nurses to fill all the open jobs, and because health care changes will only increase the need for nurses with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, there are more scholarships and grants available for potential nurses than there are for most other career fields.

Although no scholarship is guaranteed, and you’ll have to do all the traditional legwork (like finding nursing scholarship opportunities and applying for them), your chances of success are better here than in many other fields. And in most cases, you can increase your odds through volunteer experience or even holding a job like nursing assisting.

Travel and Relocation are Easy

Nurses are needed in every single city and in every single community in the United States. If you have a spouse who relocates for work, or if you’ve always wanted to see the world while still holding a stable job, nursing makes it possible.

Whether you sign on as a travel nurse through a placement agency, or if you simply hold shorter-term contracts that vary from place to place, this is one job that allows you to move without many of the same hassles.

Of course, despite all these benefits, nursing school isn’t for everyone. It’s hard work and takes a long-term commitment in terms of your time, money, and dedication. For the right person, nursing school can be a life-changing opportunity—and most schools are taking applications right now.



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