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Often called “The Pittsburgh of the South,” Birmingham has a history of being a manufacturing powerhouse. The city of Birmingham is also home to Virginia College (VC), a top location for health care education.

Any important decision is accompanied by important questions, and attending health care school is no different. How much will it cost? How long does it take? How do I start? Can I get financial aid? Get the information you need, and the answers you’re looking for.

About Virginia College

With campuses located in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee, Virginia College has a reputation of providing outstanding career-based education in a variety of in-demand fields. These fields include business management, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, information technology, and the in-demand career field of health care.

Established in Birmingham, AL in 1983, Virginia College’s mission is ensure that students have the education and training they need to enter today’s top career fields. Virginia College provides the quality education students need in the accelerated timeframe they want. In addition, VC offers career placement and even the unique Employer Guarantee.

Virginia College ’s commitment to the student doesn’t end at graduation. Under the Employer Guarantee, if a VC graduate has a job in the field they studied at VC and their employer doesn’t believe they have the necessary skills in a particular area, the graduate can return and take the required class at no charge.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Certificate

A Certificate program, the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Virginia College is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in a wide array of health care facilities, including private practices and hospitals. Focused on the skills needed in order to perform high frequency sound wave examinations, the Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Certificate program also includes instruction in vascular, abdominal obstetrical, reproductive system and gynecological scanning.

Health Care Reimbursement – Associate’s Degree

The Associate’s Degree in Health Care Reimbursement program at VN is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in the health care field, specifically one related to reimbursement procedures. Coursework in this hands-on training program includes International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), and Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS). In addition to classroom learning, students in the Health Care Reimbursement degree program will also participate in an externship. This externship allows for on-the-job training in the midst of a supportive educational environment.

Medical Assistant – Diploma or Associate’s Degree

Focusing on the skills needed in order to perform clinical and administrative duties in a health care facility, the Medical Assistant program at Virginia College is available in both Diploma and Associate Degree formats.

In addition to learning about how to obtain vital signs and medical histories, students of the Medical Assistant program will learn about examining room procedures, sterilization, lab procedures, administering medications, and various administrative duties. Both programs include and externship in a health care facility, allowing students to fine-tune skills taught in the classroom.

Medical Billing and Coding – Diploma

A combination of a health care facility externship and classroom training, the Diploma in Medical Billing and Coding program is focused on the fundamental skills and training needed in order to work in a medical office.

In addition to learning the fundamentals and basic operation of a medical office, coursework includes training in the Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), and International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Medical Office Management – Associate’s Degree

Focusing on the skills needed in order to work closely with doctors and other health care professionals, the Associate’s Degree in Medical Office Management program at Virginia College is a great way to enter a growing and in-demand career field. At Virginia College, the Medical Office Management program includes training in clinical and administrative duties, including insurance coding, medical terminology, and medical office procedures.

Nursing – Associate Degree

Available as an Associate’s Degree program from Virginia College – Birmingham, the Nursing program is ideal for those who wish to combine skills, knowledge, and abilities into a career as a nurse. In addition to learning from professionals in the field, nursing students at Virginia College are also eligible to apply for licensure with a state board of nursing in Alabama. As part of the program, students will learn about pediatric, medical, obstetric, mental, and surgical nursing, all in state-of-the-art facilities.

Pharmacy Technician – Diploma

The Pharmacy Technician Diploma program at Virginia College is designed to equip graduates with the skills needed in order to work in a pharmaceutical setting. In addition to learning how to maintain patient records,the Pharmacy Technician curriculum focuses on how to repackage medications, prepare and deliver medications, count/pour/dispense medications, stock inventory, and work closely with a licensed pharmacist.

Respiratory Therapy – Diploma

A 2-year program, the Diploma in Respiratory Therapy program at Virginia College is designed to equip graduates with the skills need in order to assist with breathing, oxygen therapy, and support patients who lack the ability to breath on their own accord.

In addition to learning how to alleviate breathing problems, students of the Respiratory Therapy program will learn how to treat lung infections, administer breathing medications, teach breathing techniques, and conduct smoking and asthma cessation sessions. In addition to working at a medical facility, many Respiratory Therapy program grads work off-site with patients who are unable to travel.

Surgical Technology – Associate’s Degree

A combination of hands-on lab training and classroom theory, the Associate’s Degree in Surgical Technology program at Virginia College will give you the experience and knowledge needed in order to work closely with a registered nurse, anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, or surgeon.

Learning how to provide patient care during surgery, students of the Surgical Technology degree program will learn in a state-of-the-art operating room facility while gaining an understanding of sterile surgical technical techniques. The Associate’s Degree in Surgical Technology program also includes an externship and various clinical training.

Therapeutic Massage – Diploma or Associate’s Degree

Available in a Diploma or Associate’s Degree format, the Therapeutic Massage program is designed to prepare graduates for employment in sports fitness centers, medical offices, salons, chiropractic offices, rehab centers, or even your own private practice. Students of the Therapeutic Massage program focus on areas such as Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Medical terminology, Medical law, Pathophysiology, Nutrition and health science and Introduction to massage.

In addition, students will study Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Therapeutic massage, Eastern massage techniques, Special population massage and Massage business principles, law, and ethics. Students receive an all-encompassing education in the aspects of the massage therapy business.


Committed to the success of every student, the faculty at Virginia College are all professionals in their respective health care fields. In addition to offering students valuable industry insight and advice, the faculty at Virginia College also teach small classes with flexible scheduling options.


Easily accessible by I-65, the Birmingham campus of Virginia College is located at 65 Bagby Drive. VC’s main campus, the Birmingham facilities include a full array of student services, classrooms, computer labs, library and virtual library, and learning space so students have access to the tools and equipment they will use in their future careers.


Virginia College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to students who qualify. Interested students need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine if they meet eligibility requirements. Financial aid representatives are happy to discuss your individual financial needs and options.

Going to School in Birmingham, AL

Founded in 1871, Birmingham is a center for industry in the southern United States. Also known as “The Pittsburgh of the South”, much of Birmingham’s original industry centered around steel and iron production. Today, this business community has expanded, as banking, insurance, medicine, publishing, and biotechnology companies have all come to call Birmingham home.

Birmingham, ALNot known just for it’s lucrative industry, Birmingham is also home to a diverse arts community. With the Alabama Ballet and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra both residing in Birmingham, the city has a respectable classical arts scene. In addition, the Alabama Theatre hosts film screenings, concerts and performances, and is an ideal location for any occasion.

The city of Birmingham is also home to several museums, including the Birmingham Museum of Art, and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Both offer a glimpse of historic Birmingham, and lend an understanding to the progressive path the city is currently embarking upon.

Like several major cities, Birmingham is undergoing a revitalization of its downtown district. Lofts are being built in formerly abandoned buildings, and new restaurants are opening daily. With the potential rezoning of several areas as 24 hour mixed-use areas, downtown Birmingham is shaping up as an ideal location to live, work, and go to school.

More Information

If you are interested in this program and would like to find out more, please request information from Virginia College – Birmingham, AL.