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Nursing Schools and Healthcare Schools in California

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California is home to some of the best colleges and universities offering various types of degrees and certifications in nursing and healthcare. What kind of healthcare careers are we talking about?

Nursing is one of the largest categories of healthcare employees in the state but don’t forget about some of the other healthcare careers including medical and dental assistants, medical record, billing and coding professionals, pharmacy & respiratory therapy technicians. Below you can find links to all these careers and more plus find schools in California offering them.

Known as the “Golden State,” California is the third-largest state in the country. Home to the 10th-largest economy in the world, cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose and San Bernardino may offer a wealth of opportunity for prospective health care students. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the glitter of Hollywood, California can be an exciting place to live and work.

Going to nursing or healthcare school can be an exciting prospect. If you’ve dreamed of a career in nursing or the health care industry, but are have some questions, then look no further. We offer a number of informative articles on a variety of topics about these industries as well as offer a selection of schools that may fit your criteria.


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A Selection of Nursing & Healthcare Schools in California

(Orange County)
American Career College
Laurus College
Kaplan College
San Joaquin Valley College
Canyon Country
Charter College
Chula Vista
UEI College
Citrus Heights
Carrington College
Institute of Technology
Los Angeles
American Career College
Los Angeles
West Coast University


Occupational Employment and Wages in California, May 2015

Career Employment Employment per
thousand jobs
Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Nursing 255,010 16.46 $48.68 $101,260
Medical Assistant 82,830 5.35 $17.04 $35,440
Dental Assistant 49,210 3.18 $18.62 $38,730
Medical Records 18,860 1.22 $23.36 $48,590
Radiologic Techs 16,540 1.07 $36.57 $76,070
Pharmacy Tech 33,010 2.13 $19.31 $40,170
Respiratory Tech 650 0.04 $32.58 $67,770
Source: BLS